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Without a doubt, The large number of tours in Georgia might make you confused, especially if you are going to visit Georgia for a short time.
Georgia is wealthy with nature and sights, no matter how long you will stay, you will not have the opportunity to explore all of its secrets and beauty. However, I’m going to tell you The best Three tours in Georgia which you can do it in three days in Georgia.
Since Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and a large number of tourists come to Georgia through Tbilisi international airport [TBS], The previously mentioned tours will start from Tbilisi to reach as far as the Russian borders. Now, With that being said, Are you ready to discover the best attractions in Georgia?

Tbilisi to Kazbegi day trip, The best tour in Georgia

A video from Kazbegi Trip

Kazbegi Trip is the most popular one day tour from Tbilisi to north Georgia. Not only because you will go up to a monastery on 2150 meters above the sea level, but also because of the beautiful nature in all of your way to Kazbegi. Besides, Visiting the castle in Ananuri and the opportunity of paragliding in Gudauri. You will find out now why this tour is one of the best tours in Georgia.

What to see in the trip?


The tour starts from Tbilisi at 9 AM. The first stop is Ananuri castle that represents a multi-functional architectural complex of the late feudal times in Georgia. In the 16th-17th century, the fortress was Built on the right bank of Aragvi River, since the 16th century it was the main seat of Aragvi Eristavi – Dukes dynasty. The village Ananuri is located on the main trade route leading to the North, to Russia and in the past, it was part of the Great Silk Road. Nowadays the road is called the Georgian Military Highway. The distance from Tbilisi is 74 km (1 h).

Ananuri fortress in the trip from Tbilisi to Kazbegi
Fortress Zhinvali Reservoir Castle Ananuri Georgia


In winter, Gudauri is a very famous ski resort. It attracts many visitors from all over the world. Furthermore, It’s terrific in summer because it’s one of the most renowned destinations for paragliding in Georgia. Gudauri has some of the magnificent landscapes in the way from Tbilisi to Kazbegi.

paragliding tours in Georgia
Paragliding in Gudauri

Kazbegi / Stepantsminda

This is most people’s favorite destination on the Georgian Military High way: a valley town with the famous hilltop silhouette of Tatsminda Sameba Church and the towering snowy cone of the mount Kazbek -one of the Caucasus mountains- looking down from the west. Now officially named Stepantsminda, but still commonly known as Kazbegi, it’s a base for hiking and biking.

from tbilisi to kazbegi
From Tbilisi to Kazbegi

How far is Kazbegi from Tbilisi?

The distance between Tbilisi and Kazbegi is 149 K.M. It’s about 2.5 Hours of driving. Check the itinerary from here

Tbilisi to Mtskheta, Gori, Uplistsikhe Tours in Georgia

If you love the old places and you feel the history when you touch the ancient stones, then visiting Mtskheta, Gori, and Uplistsikhe should be one of your tours in Georgia.

What to see in Mtskheta?

Mtskheta is the old capital of Georgia. It’s a small city that you can explore it on foot. However, it has a lot of attractions, as follow:

Jvari monastery

Translated as “Monastery of the Cross,” Jvari is a monastery of the 6th century, coincidentally, in the form of a cross. It is located on top of the hill and offers views of the Mtkvari river and the entire city. Jvari is an ideal place for those who want to return to time and enjoy medieval architecture. Note that this place is windy all year round, so get ready.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Svetitskhoveli is a religious center for all Christians for centuries. Another proof of its importance to Christianity, there is a legend that the seamless tunic of Jesus Christ was buried in the temple.
There is still a hand on the northern facade of the building, which makes me a little worried about doing my best job for this blog. Small fragments of paintings dating back to the 11th century, which allows you to live through the life of ancient Georgia. The beautiful church and cathedral Svetitskhoveli is a must for any visitor visiting the country.

what to see in Gori?

Gori is very popular as it’s Stalin’s hometown.

Stalin’s museum

The museum did not seriously attempt to balance the career narrative or behavior of Stalin. It remains, as it was inaugurated in 1957, a tribute to the Gorian boy, who became a key figure in world history in the twentieth century. If you would like to visit Stalin’s printing house, and other places to visit in Tbilisi here.

uplistsikhe tours in georgia
Uplistsikhe caves

What’s Uplistsikhe?

Uplistsikhe, literally “God’s fortress”, is an ancient rocky city, played an important role in the history of Georgia, in the period of about 3000 years. Archaeological excavations reveal extraordinary artifacts from the late Bronze Age to the late Middle Ages.
According to UNESCO, Uplistsikhe Cave Town Fortress is located on a rocky plot on the left bank of the river, 15 kilometers east, as mentioned in the chronicles, and its history began in the i-ii millennium BC. Ancient Hellenization and the late ancient period (before Christ – 4 BC). The city was in its heyday already in the 9-11 centuries.

One of the best wine tours in Georgia

Georgian wine is one of the best in the world. Furthermore, Georgia’s has one of the oldest wineries in the world. Indeed Georgian wine is unique. Worthy of mentioning that wine in Georgia is a national habit.

The vineyard has more than 500 different grapes and the world’s first grape crop, a tradition of viticulture intertwined with Georgian grape varieties. The term “wine” is also considered to be derived from Georgia (“ღვინო” – “ghvino” in Georgian). Throughout Georgia, archaeologists have discovered ancient wine presses and clay devices, proving that viticulture has been practiced here since at least 4th BC.

Kakheti Region is the most famous Georgian region for producing wine.

Sighnaghi city, which called the city of love is the leading tourist destination in Kakheti.

There is a lot to say about Georgian wine. However, The five minutes documentary below that produced by Euro news will do the job perfectly.

Documentary about Georgian wine

Do you want to know more about Georgian wine? Read this Article be Forbes


To conclude, Georgia has a lot of sights that attract tourists. However, The limited time will probably confuse the tourist, Which tour He or she should go for. The previously mentioned tours are the most popular tours in Georgia, especially for those who would like to discover the beauty of Georgia in a short time. The tours got very high reviews and travelers from all over the world recommend it.

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