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The neighborhood is located around Chavchavadze Avenue near central Tbilisi.

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The neighborhood located in the city center, stretching roughly from where Chavchavadze Avenue and Melikishvili Avenue meet to where Rustaveli Avenue begins, as well as up and down the city’s slope from these avenues.


The neighborhood located in the city center, roughly from Rustaveli Avenue up to the hill to the West.


The neighborhood located in the city center around McDonalds and Rustaveli Metro Station, named after a famous German-owned drug store that has been gone for half a century (in the spot where the Zemeli Supermarket is now located).

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Tbilisi view from Mtatsminda park


Neighborhood somewhat near to the city center, east of Vake (and separated from Vake by an uninhabitable, impassable rocky area) and west of the Mtkvari river. Home to the Achara hotel, numerous stores, the Rustavi-2 TV station, and old neighborhood of Mikheil Saakashvili.

Old Tbilisi Neighborhoods

The neighborhood located East and South of Freedom Square, between Mtatsminda, Ortachala, and the Mtkvari river.


Neighborhood in South Tbilisi, home to the bus station for south-bound travel (such as to Armenia and Azerbaijan) and the old prison (where executions took place in the Soviet era)


The neighborhood where the Metekhi Church and Sheraton Metekhi are located. Noted for its high elevation and amazing views of Tbilisi.

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Large neighborhood located roughly across the river from Saburtalo. Stretches from the Dinamo stadium and Basroba market North to the start of Dighomi.

Dighomi / Didi Dighomi

Located in the North of Tbilisi, on opposite sides of the Mtkvari river where it bends East. Didi Dighomi is on the Northwest side of the river, Dighomi the Southeast side. Didi Dighomi is home to the US Embassy and Goodwill store; Dighomi is home to the dollar store and a large wine market.

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