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Georgia’s capital city has become a popular destination recently. However, there are unique places to visit in Tbilisi that most tourists don’t know. If you always have the desire to look for something different to do, and unusual to see, moreover want to make your trip distinct from other travelers, keep reading. If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Tbilisi, check this out.

What to see in Tbilisi

Meanwhile, I’m going to take you through a fast journey among four of the upcoming Tbilisi attractions. I will not only tell you what to see in Tbilisi undiscovered places; I will show you those places with high-quality videos. Unlike most of Tbilisi sights, those places are not located in the city center or old Tbilisi. Therefore you will have two options, The first -which is the lazy choice- is to use Yandex to move to those places or the second to use public transportation that I’m going to explain in more details in the upcoming lines.

Unknown Tbilisi attractions list

This list includes 4 of the unknown places to visit in Tbilisi; those places are considered Tbilisi’s upcoming stunning sights.

Chronicle of Georgia on of the best places to visit in Tbilisi

You will witness the true splendor of this place when you arrive. Watch this short video below

Chronicle of Georgia is one of Tbilisi sightseeing.


The Chronicle of Georgia is created by the famous sculptor and architect born in Tbilisi Zuraab Tsereteli. It represents memorable scenes of Georgian history.
Zuraab Tsereteli is very famous for the decorative bus shelters of the abstract mosaic that visitors can see it throughout Abkhazia. Furthermore, he is the current dean of the Russian Academy of Art.

Chronicle of Georgia one of the Places to visit in Tbilisi
The Chronicle of Georgia

How to go to the Chronicle of Georgia?

There is no much information about how to get to the Chronicle of Georgia.
Most bloggers say you have to take a taxi.
Even the tourist information office of Tbilisi, which usually provides handy information, tells us that a taxi is the only realistic way to get to the monument, but it is not.
For independent travelers who are traveling on a budget, there are two options to reach the Chronicle of Georgia by public transport.
Even though each option takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, it costs much less than taking a private transport or organized tour.

Option 1

First, you can use Yandex taxi service, which is very cheap compared to the regular taxi charge. Install the application on your mobile, point your destination on the application map, and submit your order. Now you are all set and ready to see one of the most beautiful Tbilisi attractions.

Option 2

By Metro Line 1 (Red line) you have to go to Station Square metro station. When you get outside of the metro and near the train station entrance, you will find a bus station. From there take bus number 111 to Military School bus stop. This point is your center point in your way to and back from the Chronicle of Georgia. Consider using the Tbilisi Sea as a reference point for your destination. It is a 500-meter walk to the Chronicle of Georgia From the military school bus stop. Check Tbilisi Metro Map below.

I know it looks hard to reach but it deserves to be in your list of places to visit in Tbilisi.

Go to Tbilisi attractions by metro
Tbilisi Metro Map

Stalin’s Underground printing house

If you are still wondering what best places to visit in Tbilisi, Stalin’s Underground Printing House should be in the top of your list. The Bolsheviks started their propaganda to overthrow the Russian empire from this building. Stalin and the other comrades planned their moves against the Russian emperor in this house. Even though This place is precious because of its history, Entering to the place is free of charge. Indeed it should be in your list of places to visit in Tbilisi.

Find more about this sight in the video below.

where is Stalin’s Underground Printing House?

It’s 200 meters away from 300 Aragvile Metro station, and this is the exact location in Google Maps.

The undiscovered sulfur bath should be on the top of your list of places to visit in Tbilisi

Everyone knows the many sulfur baths in Abanotubani area in Tbilisi city center, which is somehow expensive for some travelers. I happily inform you, there is another sulfur bath that much cheaper. The prices vary among the private rooms; it starts from 20 GEL for a private room with a pool for two persons. It’s one of the places to visit in Tbilisi. It’s noteworthy that the bath staff don’t speak English.

Tbilisi sights

Where it’s located?

The sulfur bath we are talking about is widely known as Kiev’s bathhouse, as a result of its location in Kiev street in Tbilisi. Check the location on Google Maps.

Mediatheka library

Without a doubt, Mediatheka library is not one of travelers destinations. However, it’s a cool place for books readers and digital nomads, whether you are looking for a place where you can do some work online or a quiet place with a lovely view to read a book, Mediatheka library will be your favorite place with just a monthly membership of 15 GEL.

If you like reading the library should be one of the places to visit in Tbilisi.

The library is located in Vake park, one of the popular touristic destinations in Tbilisi. Check the location Here.

Vake park one of places to visit in Tbilisi


To summarize, The capital of Georgia has many places that deserve visiting in your travel. On the other hand, the places that I mentioned previously are unknown to a lot of people. For that reason, I made this incredible journey among four of the upcoming best tourist attractions in Tbilisi. I meant to tell you that the capital Tbilisi is not only about churches and fortress, but it’s also about modern life, same as Europe.


It’s noteworthy to mention that there are a lot of tours in Tbilisi. However, Tbilisi is one of the few cities in the country Georgia that you do not need a tour guide to discover its hidden secrets. Since there are a lot of things to do in Tbilisi, You can not enjoy it in a day or two. It’s even more challenging when you have a family with you that you need more than five days to explore the town in addition to trying the local food which needs some time for digesting is a must.

As we are at the end of our journey I have a really great offer for you. There are many trips and tours around Georgia provided by GeorgiaWiki, these trips are full of activities and I’m sure you will enjoy everything around you. Book a trip now and get a 25% discount from here.

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