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Georgia has its own peanut butter! It’s called “Magaria” and is made from peanuts from the village of Lagodekhi in Georgia’s eastern province of Kakheti. Unlike other imported brands, which contain preservatives and chemicals, Magaria is a delicious and nutritious all-natural product containing only peanuts and salt. And best of all – it’s cheaper than any of its import competitors!

The taste is very rich, not overly sweetened like other brands, with crunchy bits of peanut enriching it. It’s best on bread with jam or honey or spread on apples, bananas, or other fruit.

Magaria peanut butter is available at the Ibis Supermarket (near UN Circle), at the Lux Supermarket on Barnov St. (near the Chinese Embassy) and at Biologica, the natural products store on Erekle II St. (near Sioni Cathedral). It is also sold at the US Embassy’s commissary, and at select other Ibis Supermarket locations. Magaria is a family business, and you may contact the producers at magaria.peanut@gmail.com

What is this peanut butter good for? Obviously, for you to enjoy! But it also makes a great gift when you’re invited somewhere: Magaria introduces something new to your Georgian friends, at the same time showing that there are aspects (and products) of their own country which they have not yet discovered. What are you waiting for? Enjoy The Georgian peanut butter now.

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