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Touch the sky from the top of the Caucasus mountains.
Breathe the history and pure your soul.

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“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.”

Alice Walker

All of the nature lovers choose Georgia to spend days and weeks among the massive mountains, vast national parks, caves, canyons, and the black sea.
The hospitable people of Georgia will make your experience unforgettable; you will be amazed by their kindness and generosity.

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In Georgia, you will never feel bored. A lot of activities to do and you will not have enough time for all of it.
With GeorgiaWiki we guarantee that you will benefit most of your travel.

As you start walking through the Georgian countryside, you will feel a bit like Marco Polo crossing the famous Silk Road.
With high peaks, vast farmland and dense forests scattered across small, hospitable villages. Georgia is one of the most underrated hiking destinations in the world.
Have you experienced the adrenaline running through your veins?
 Do you like to fly a bird, see the fantastic Caucasus from above? Adorn magnificent views that can only be provided flying.
white-water rafting on Pshavi’s Aragvi! The trip has an easy difficulty rate, covers 15 km. and lasts for 1h 30 minutes. Professional rafting instructors arrange challenging competitions during the trip.

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We offer a professional photographer and video creator, to make your happy time in Georgia alive forever.

A Look Inside Georgia

When the east meets the west

Georgian culture is an exotic, mysterious and ancient culture dating back thousands of years.The cultural elements of Anatolia, Europe, Persian, Arab, Ottoman, and the Far East influenced Georgia’s own ethnic identity, thus forming one of the unique and hospitable cultures in the world.

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